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ways to make money on social media as a creator
1. Partner with brands
This is what most people think of when they hear “making money on social media.” The OG method: Becoming an influencer.

Relax. It doesn’t have to mean taking selfies for sponsored posts featuring “diet tea.” Not only should you avoid doing that because you’re gorgeous the way you are, but also because your audience will see right through it.

To maintain your integrity, work with brands that:

Naturally fit your content and personality
Have products you actually use
Offer value to your audience
Whoever you partner with, ensure the content on your social media accounts still feels like you.
2. Join an affiliate program
Affiliate marketers share links to products or services and earn commissions when someone buys through that link (or via unique coupon code).

There are three ways to start affiliate marketing:

Join an affiliate network: There are many options, such as Impact and ShareASale, where you can join multiple affiliate programs in one network.
Join a specific company’s affiliate program: Many brands run their own affiliate programs, which often pay better than joining through larger networks.
Pitch a custom affiliate relationship: Established creators often negotiate custom rates and contracts with brands for long-term partnerships.
Affiliate marketing is a snowball effect. At first, if you don’t have a large audience, you probably won’t make very much. (Not always true, though!) Sharing affiliate content over time will pay off, as long as you focus on serving your audience first.

If you ever asked yourself how models earn money online i will explain you how.There are lots of simple ways to earn money online .Some models advertise products on their social media .Some other models sell their own products .Now almost every model has created their online store and they drive traffic there to make sales .Sometimes model get paid also just to dress outfits that their sponsors have.
1. Earn Commissions Through Sponsored Posts
One way your small business can earn money from social media is by promoting the products or services of other businesses. This is known as “sponsored posting” and it’s a direct way to make money on social media. A brand will sponsor posts to show up on relevant pages, and when a user clicks on that ad, you get paid. This is a good way to leverage a large following on social media.

Most social media platforms have a sponsored post setup. Twitter even has a direct link to sign up for their sponsored posts. Visit Sponsored Tweets to match your company with relevant topics and start earning money with each relevant tweet.

Amazon makes it simple to promote affiliate products through its Amazon Associate program. Each time a sale is made from the link you share, Amazon pays you a small percentage. For more information on getting started with the Amazon Affiliate program, visit their webpage.

2. Get Paid for Reviewing Affiliate Products
Another way to make money through social media is by reviewing affiliate products. Companies will seek out reviews from other companies with similar customer bases, and they’ll pay for them. For example, say you run a salon. A shampoo company might ask you to publish a review of their newest product on your blog. They get their brand in front of new customers and you get paid.

One caveat: The law requires all affiliates to disclose their affiliate relationships. For more on this law, review FTC Affiliate Disclosure – Ultimate Guide. Disclosing sponsored posts isn’t just the law, it’s also a good business practice that promotes honesty with your followers.

3. Sell Your Own Products or Services
Another way to use social media to make money for your small business is by selling your own products. You can turn your social media accounts into a sales funnel for your businesses’ products or services. In fact, some social media sites allow you to turn your social media accounts into virtual online stores.

For more information on how to sell your products or services online, visit Business News Daily’s article 7 Social Media Selling Solutions for Small Businesses. Explore which platforms are the best fit for your own small business sales and marketing needs and then track numbers to record sales.

4. Get Paid to Share Your Knowledge
If you have a niche business or sell a service, then you can make money through YouTube. Jason Parks, owner of social marketing agency The Media Captain says, “Creating ‘how-to’ content on a niche topic can earn you money on social media…I worked with a tennis pro who created a simple YouTube video, ‘How to Hit a Faster Tennis Serve.’ We monetized the video (which now has over 150,000 views), and he gets money based on the overall view count. We have also created other videos after the success of the initial video. While the tennis pro can’t quit his day job, the extra money into his bank account definitely doesn’t hurt.”

You’ll need to set up your videos to allow ads to show up and you’ll get paid based on the number of times those ads are viewed. More video views mean more ad views, which means more money.